3 tips for a Successful Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to designing the kitchen of your dreams, there’s no need to compromise on style. With the right software, you can get an unlimited number of free designs from top-rated contractors in your area. And if you choose an online builder with a great reputation for service and quality workmanship, there’s no reason why your dream should turn into a nightmare!

When I was a kid, my mom had a tiny kitchen with white Formica countertops and cabinets. It didn’t have room for a table and was so small that even the smallest of microwaves would have looked like an elephant crammed into it. As you can imagine, this made cooking dinner not very fun at all! Fortunately for her—and for me since she relied on me to help her cook dinner—she decided to renovate the kitchen. She tore out everything and replaced it with something beautiful and functional that we could both enjoy using together every night. That’s why today I’m going to share some tips on how you can design your own cost-effective kitchen remodel that doesn’t compromise style:

Choose a remodeling contractor with the best kitchen remodel design software.

You want to choose an online builder with the best kitchen remodel design software. A company that offers a wide range of kitchen remodeling services, and that also has state-of-the-art technology to create your dream kitchen.

If you’re looking for someone who can create a custom space for you, look no further than our team here at LBR Partners LLC. We are your local women-owned general contractors, located in Maple Grove, MN, and helping our amazing clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding metro areas. We’ve been helping homeowners just like you achieve their renovation goals for over 10 years.

We offer everything from simple upgrades like new countertops or cabinets to fully custom kitchens designed around your unique style and needs. We provide excellent customer service throughout every step of the process–from planning through installation completion!

Find the right contractor for you.

  • Check references. Your contractor should be happy to provide you with a list of past clients, along with contact information for them. If the contractor is hesitant, or if the client refuses to talk to you about their experience working with your potential contractor, that’s not a good sign.
  • Get an insurance certificate and license number (if applicable). It’s important that your contractor carry adequate liability coverage in case something goes wrong during the project; also make sure they have an active business license if they have licensed contractors in your area.* Ask for samples of previous projects completed by this company or individual before hiring them as well as an estimate on what it will cost for your job specifically.*

If you follow these tips, your kitchen will be beautiful and functional.

If you follow these tips, your kitchen will be beautiful and functional.

  • Your kitchen will look like it was designed by a professional.
  • Your new design will be cost-effective.
  • You won’t have to spend hours planning out the layout or worrying about making mistakes that could cost thousands of dollars in extra expenses later on during construction or renovation work (like choosing the wrong countertop material).

The best way to ensure all of this is through using a free kitchen remodel design software like Sketch Up.

Design a cost-effective kitchen remodel that doesn’t compromise style.

  • You want your kitchen to be beautiful, but you also need it to be functional. If you’re planning a remodel, there are some things that will help keep costs down and still deliver a great-looking result.
  • Budgeting is key! When designing your new space, make sure that every decision is made with the budget in mind. This includes things like materials used on cabinets and appliances (e.g., wood versus metal) as well as finishes like paint colors and tile patterns (will they look dated in 5 years?). It also means thinking about how much storage space you have in relation to what type of appliances might fit best within the layout of this particular area–for example: if there isn’t enough room for upper cabinets above an island countertop then perhaps consider replacing them with open shelving instead?
  • Take into account how much space there actually IS in this particular area before making any final decisions about what kind of renovations should happen here – especially when considering adding onto existing walls/structures so that everything fits properly around them after construction work has been completed.”

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